Our Volunteers!

MainStreet VolunteersThree years ago I was asked to open my home for the annual MainStreet Housewalk and was happy to do so. I was impressed with volunteers who came to house-sit, and that both  the Design Committee chairman and the executive director came to express appreciation for participating.  It made me think I’d like to be a volunteer.

Six months later I saw that an open meeting was planned for anyone interested in information about becoming a volunteer.  I joined the Design Committee that night.  Being part of the committee for the next MainStreet Housewalk, I realized how much work went into planning and executing the event.  Later that year I became the Design Committee co-chair with “volunteer extraordinaire”, Al Scott.

As we feverishly worked on getting homeowners to participate for the 2013 MainStreet Housewalk and all the many other tasks involved, we found that our biggest challenge was getting enough volunteers to help us out on the day of the event.  We had 10 homes all with interior tours and needed more volunteers than ever before.  We were working on gathering volunteers up to the evening before the walk.

The MainStreet Libertyville organization and all the events it plans for the community each year truly contributes to the quality of life in Libertyville.  The backbone of the organization are its volunteers.