Thank You Volunteers Paul and Maggie Frisch


volunteer storiesThank You Volunteers! Recognizing volunteers who support MainStreet Libertyville events and programs. We couldn’t do it without you.

I can’t tell you what wonderful volunteers Paul and Maggie are — and so enthusiastic — I guess it shows in her answer. From delivering posters to downtown businesses, working on events such as Oktoberfest, House Walk, Dessert Walk, they are the best!! I would say I wish I could clone them — but I do have two!!

Event Volunteers Paul and Maggie Frisch

How did you get started and why did you volunteer with MainStreet Libertyville?

After retiring, my husband Paul and I needed a way to feel connected to the community. I tried many different volunteer groups, trying to find a good fit. I’ve worked at the Libertyville Food Pantry for eight years, but still wanted a “fun” type of volunteering that Paul and I could do together.

In January of 2012, we received an invitation to Mainstreet’s annual member meeting. We went, and looked into joining various committees. But evening meetings didn’t fit our schedule so I emailed the Executive Director, asking if we could help out “as needed.” Absolutely!

We soon received our first request to hand out posters to stores. Paul and I had a great time meeting the Libertyville store owners, and after that we found there were plenty of annual events that needed helpers. We weren’t just volunteering now, we were also participating in all the great Mainstreet events.

We’ve met a lot of people in the community, made new friends, and had a tremendous amount of fun. Mainstreet’s volunteers are well organized; the staff is accommodating and appreciative of your time. We enjoy working with such a dynamic organization, and plan to volunteer for many years to come.