Thank You Volunteer Tom Goodhall

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Thank You Volunteers! Recognizing volunteers who support MainStreet Libertyville events & programs. We couldn’t do it without you.

CarFun on 21 Volunteer Member Tom Goodhall is our “gatekeeper” for Car Fun on 21.  He is the first person car owners have contact.  I enjoy Tom and his sunny disposition.  He is a pleasure to have on the Car fun “crew”. Tom shares his thoughts about volunteering with Pam Hume:


Tom, why do you volunteer for MainStreet and how did you get started?

Cars have always been a passion and hobby for me.  I strongly believe in giving back to the community that you work in and First Midwest Bank is very supportive and very involved with community activities in each of the markets that they serve. So with my interests in cars, it was a perfect fit.
I got involved when I received an email in regards to the Mainstreet group, that they were looking for volunteers. So I attended an info meeting one night, saw the Car Fun on 21, and I was revved  up to go. (No pun intended!) (-:
This is my second year doing the Car Fun on 21, and I must say, it is a GREAT group of guys to work with.  I get compliments EVERY month from the people that bring their cars down on what a good job we do with the show.