Rules for 2020 Libertyville Farmers Market

  1. No dogs allowed for our customers to maintain social distancing.
  2. We will space our vendors further apart to encourage social distancing.
  3. We will not have music or any activity that would encourage customers to linger at the market.
  4. We will have our products protected to discourage customers from touching produce before buying and provide signage to help enforce that.
  5. We will encourage customers to minimize the number of family members attending the market.  This will make it easier to maintain social distancing at all times.
  6. Preorders are encouraged where possible.
  7. Customers or vendors should not attend if they show any signs of illness or if they have any underlying Health issue.
  8. All tables will be sanitized before the market and appropriately throughout the market hours.
  9. All vendors must wear protective face coverings and sanitary gloves while at the market and customers should wear protective face coverings.
  10. Only food and farm product vendors will be selling at the market.
  11. We encourage customers to not consume any products or food at the market.