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Lunch in the Park–A Libertyville Tradition

By Natalie Isberg, MainStreet Libertyville Student Social Media Reporter

Libertyville residents love to talk about the large variety of shops, restaurants and events to attend in town. After a year hiatus, Lunch in the Park, one of MainStreet Libertyville’s staple events for more than twenty years, has come back for the 2021 summer season!

This lovely outdoor event provides the perfect opportunity for community members to connect with the downtown scene. Restaurants and local food vendors like The Libertyville Coffee Company, Bagels by the Book, O’Toole’s of Libertyville, Rosati’s, My Flavor It! Place, Up In Smoke Creations, Magic Crepes and Famous Frankie’s Hot Dogs all set up shop, providing an array of foods to enjoy during the afternoon.

Photo by N. Isberg

Chris Classen, the current manager for MainStreet Libertyville’s Lunch in the Park, finds that the event is not only a great way for the townspeople to come together, but also a way for local businesses and organizations, like Lambs Farm, which aids in trash pick-up for the event, to find ways to collaborate with the community.

People of all ages can be seen at this event. Whether you’re out for a nice reunion with friends, chatting with a business partner, or just sitting in the sun with your dog, there’s something for everyone.

Photo by N. Isberg

Music is a staple of the event. The presence of musicians really makes the scene according to residents and visitors alike. Local bands regularly come to play at the park, filling its joyful atmosphere to the brim with the sounds of guitars and vocals.

Photo by N. Isberg

Longtime residents love the upbeat atmosphere of the park and most who visit the event return every summer for the same rejuvenating experience. The event is also a great way for new residents to get a taste of what downtown Libertyville’s many restaurants have to offer, as well as the opportunity to meet future friends and neighbors.

Photo by N. Isberg

“It feels like everyone from town is here,” Cat, a resident enjoying the event with her friend, Maggie, remarked.


Photo by N. Isberg

Food vendors find satisfaction greeting customers to their stands each Friday. They also benefit from the goodwill their businesses get simply through the traffic of locals passing by on the sidealk. Cally, one of the owners of My Flavor It! Place has participated in Lunch in the Park for three summers. She’s thankful that the event has come back for the 2021 summer, “it’s always nice being outside, even on the hot days!,” said Cally.

Many regulars can be seen at the event, including Pam Hume, who managed the event for the previous ten years as the executive director for MainStreet Libertyville.

“I always called it our mini Ravinia,” she said proudly.

Lunch in the Park, which commenced on June 25th this year, is held every Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. It will conclude this summer on August 6th. Come on out and have a blast!

Did you know MainStreet Libertyville provides over 50 days of events in downtown Libertyville and is supported by 500 residential and 180 local business members? Volunteers log more than 4,000 hours total each year planning and hosting MainStreet Libertyville activities. Consider becoming a MainStreet Libertyville member, or better yet— try your hand at volunteering for a MainStreet Libertyville event or committee. Contact the MainStreet Libertyville Office at (847) 680-0336 for details.

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