Letter from our Chairman

Dear Libertyville Community:

The health and safety of our community is at the heart of all we are doing during these difficult times. The MainStreet Board of Directors and staff is here to assist you. It is very important that you remember to THINK LOCAL FIRST and continue to support our hometown businesses.

There are many creative ways to support the businesses, merchants and restaurants:

1. Pick up a meal in downtown Libertyville;
2. Utilize an online delivery service for shopping or dining;
3. Purchase a gift or article of spring clothing online.

Many of our shops and restaurants continue to serve their customers in step with the best practices and sanitation guidelines set forth by the State of Illinois. Please support our downtown within your comfort level.

Some additional ways you can support MainStreet Libertyville businesses:

1. Buy a gift certificate from your favorite shop or restaurant to use at a later date;
2. Easter is just around the corner – don’t forget candy, napkins, candles, clothing all of which can
be purchased from a shop downtown or through their online shop;
3. Buy dinner for a senior shut-in;
4. Be generous with a gratuity – service staff wages depend on tips;
5. Visit our downtown shops during off-hours;
6. Become a member of MainStreet Libertyville.

For more information about store hours and special offers , please visit our website at www.mainstreetlibertyville.org, like us on Facebook and Instagram, and follow us on Twitter. We will do our best to keep you informed on what is happening downtown.

In the meantime, please do your part to help our businesses get through a very rough time. Our businesses appreciate your support!

The MainStreet Board of Directors and Staff

Mark Anderson, Chair