Dessert Walk: A Sweet Treat in Downtown Libertyville

Dessert Walk: A Sweet Treat in Downtown Libertyville

By Natalie Isberg, Student Social Media Writer

Local shoppers and attendees at the Adler Festival of the Arts experienced a taste of what’s in store in downtown Libertyville at the MainSweet Dessert Walk. The event, which has been held annually since 2014, lets ticket holders sample delicious treats from participating businesses throughout downtown Libertyville. This year, the event was held on August 7th from noon until 3 p.m.

The event attracts many families. Kids love to try out all the sweet treats available, and parents are free to sample, window shop, and peruse the numerous stores and sweet shops downtown. Owners were happy to see the influx of families arriving at their stores.

“Everyone’s super happy [and] we get a lot of families,” said Cally Razes, an owner of My Flavor It Place!

“We’ve been seeing a lot of families,” said Caroline, an employee at Allure.

Taste bud stimulating samples included seven layer bars at Allure, ice cream and flavored ice at My Flavor It Place, truffles at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and four flavors of Nana’s Rum Cakes from Libbyville Lifestyle Boutique! Many other stores also participated including Maison Chic, Sweet Home Gelato, and Bootery Boutique. Even a few restaurants joined in on the excitement of the event.

The Dessert Walk helps showcase all of Libertyville’s downtown shops. Rolland’s Jewelers, while not a candy store, received a lot of foot traffic. AnneMarie McGovern, who is the director of sales and operations at the shop, said that the best thing about the event is how much awareness is brought to the downtown shops and what makes them unique. “People think it’s so great to know it’s family-owned,” McGovern said.

How Impressive!, in addition to selling their usual boutique paper products and gifts, offered anyone participating in the walk a bite-sized mousse cup. According to Gay Murray, an employee at How Impressive!, the event brings people through that normally wouldn’t stop there, since the shop is located just on the edge of the town’s main district. She also commented how she loved seeing all the families enjoying the afternoon. “We get a lot of families, which I love,” said Murray.

If you missed this year’s Dessert Walk, don’t worry, it is set to return next year, so if you’re looking for a sweet way to spend the afternoon with friends and family, mark your 2022 calendars now.

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